HONG KONG Quantity Completion
Central – Wanchai Bypass Tunnel 88,000m2 2017
Sha Tin Heights Tunnels & Approaches 22,000m2 2007
Eagles Nest Tunnels & Approaches 35,000m2 2007
City University of Hong Kong Underpass 500m2 2002
AUSTRALIA Quantity Completion
Legacy Way Tunnel, Brisbane 45,000m2 2015
USA Quantity Completion
Callahan Tunnel, Boston 8,000m2 2015
TAIWAN Quantity Completion
Banchiau Station Link Way (Tunnel) - Taiwan 1,500m2 2000
UNITED KINGDOM Quantity Completion
Wakefield Kirkwood Underpass 200m2 2010
HONG KONG Quantity Completion
MTRC Tsuen Wan West Station – New Entrance 800m2 2016
MTRC 1001 Ho Man Tin Station – Artwork Panels 50m2 2016
MTRC Ma On Shan Line – Sign Type Identification Signs 180m2 2015
MTRC WIL 705 Kennedy Town Station and Overrun Tunnel 2,700m2 2014
MTRC East TST Station - Refurbishment 180m2 2011
MTRC Tseung Kwan O - Entrance C & Concessions 120m2 2011
MTRC Shatin Station Commercial & Improvement Works 350m2 2011
MTRC Kiosks at Kowloon Tong Station - Refurbishment 100m2 2010
MTRC Kwai Hing Station – New Entrance E 250m2 2010
MTRC Contract KCC210 Middle Road Subway Extension 1,400m2 2010
MTRC Tai Po Market Station - Refurbishment 115m2 2010
MTRC Kowloon Tong Station - Refurbishment 80m2 2010
MTRC Sheung Shui Station - Refurbishment 100m2 2010
MTRC Tai Koo Station 500m2 2010
MTRC Tsing Yi Station 1,200m2 2009
MTRC Refurbishment of VE Panels at Tsuen Wan Line 850m2 2009
MTRC Station at Kowloon Tong Station 300m2 2008
MTRC Tseung Kwan O South Station 900m2 2008
Lok Ma Chau Extensions Contract No.: LCC300 Lok Ma Chau Station & Associated Works 9,500m2 2007
MTRC Station Commercial & Refurbishment Works at Hong Kong Station 200m2 2004
East Rail Contract No.: CC-2001-025 Kowloon Tong Station: Southern Concourse & Subway: 800m2 2004
Lo Wu Station, Contract: 2002-0092 200m2 2004
SINGAPORE Quantity Completion
Promenade MRT Station 200m2 2013
Bayfront MRT Station 63m2 2011
Contract C856 West Coast, Pasir Panjang, Alexandra & Telok Blangah Stations incl. Harbour Front Station Fit Out Works & Tunnels 2,000m2 2010
Contract C855 Holland, Buona Vista & NUH Stations (CCL Stage 4&5) 1,800m2 2010
Contract C823/828 Nicholl Highway Station, Tanjong Katong Station and Old Airport Station 850m2 2009
Mountbatten MRT Station 300m2 2009
Contract C853A Bishan Interchange Station (CCL Stage 3) 900m2 2008
Woodleigh MRT Station 600m2 2003
Harbour Front Station 1,000m2 2002
Dhoby Ghaut Station 500m2 2002
Outram Park Station C710 MRT: 200m2 2002
Land Transport Authority: Tampines Contract N7C1 300m2 1997
Land Transport Authority: Choa Chu Kang Contract N2C14 250m2 1997
Land Transport Authority: CC Kang Contract N1C9 1,300m2 1996
Land Transport Authority: Woodlands Contract N7C8-10 1,060m2 1996
Land Transport Authority: Hou Gang Contract N9C1-3 300m2 1996
TAIWAN Quantity Completion
Dongmen Station, Taiwan 5,200m2 2012
Taipei City Hall Station, Taiwan 3,600m2 2009
Beitou Station, Taiwan 200m2 2009
Nangang Software Park Station, Taiwan 2,500m2 2008
Kaohsiung MTR R3. R4 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 6,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung R4A. R5A. R5. R6 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 9,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung MTR R12. R13 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 9,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung MTR O1. O2. O4 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 9,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung MTR O6. O7. O8 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 9,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung MTR O9. O10. O11. O12 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 12,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung MTR O1. O2. O4 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 3,000m2 2007
Kaohsiung MTR CD1 Station, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 3,000m2 2007
Taipei MRT Nei Hu Line B3. B4. B2. B5. B10. B11 Station, Neihu, Taipei 10,000m2 2007
Taiwan High Speed Railway Chiyi Station, Chiyi, Taiwan 4,500m2 2005
Taiwan High Speed Railway Tainan Station, Tainan, Taiwan 4,500m2 2004
Longshan Temple Station, Taiwan 1,600m2 2002
Contract No 601 – Ban Qiao Station: Sec 1 Wenhua Rd, Banchiau City 1,400m2 2000
Contract No CN255 MTR Project: Jungshiau E Rd, Taipei 3,500m2 1999
Contract No 266 MRT Project: Hsin Tien City Hall 2,500m2 1998
Xindian City Hall Station, Taiwan 2,500m2 1998
Contract No 222 for MRT Project: Luosfu Rd, Jungjeng Chiu, Taipei 2,500m2 1997
AUSTRALIA Quantity Completion
Butler Station, Perth 800m2 2014
Mitcham Station, Melbourne 280m2 2013
Newtown Station, Sydney 450m2 2012
Williams Landing Station, Melbourne 250m2 2012
Cardiff Station, Sydney 450m2 2012
Nunawading Station, Springvale Melbourne 500m2 2010
UNITED KINGDOM Quantity Completion
Benton Metro Station Footbridge 200m2 2010
HONG KONG Quantity Completion
West Rail Contract No.: CC-202 Yuen Long & Long Ping Stations 2,650m2 2003
West Rail Contract No.: CC-203 Tin Shui Wai Station 1,300m2 2003
West Rail Contract No.: CC-300 Tsuen Wan Station 2,600m2 2003
West Rail Contract No.: CC-404 Mei Foo Station 4,500m2 2003
MTRC Causeway Bay Station – Refurbishment 300m2 2002
MTRC Contract 505 Olympic Station 3,200m2 1998
MTRC Contract 516 Tung Chung Station 1,500m2 1998
AUSTRALIA Quantity Completion
New Children Hospital, Perth, Australia 1,500m2 2016
JAPAN Quantity Completion
Kawada Office Building, Tokyo, Japan 300m2 2012
TAIWAN Quantity Completion
Tai Tang Warehouse: Junghua Rd., Banchiau City 330m2 2001
No 2 South Science Park: Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park 2,170m2 2001
He Yu Wide-Band: Neihu Chiu, Taipei 1,500m2 2001
Bank of Taiwan: Wuchi Jen, Taichung 775m2 2001
Zhu Cheng: Nanping Rd, Taoyuan City 470m2 2001
Industry & Commerce Exhibition Ctr: Jungjieng 4th Rd, Kaohsiung City 440m2 2000
Jiu He Automobile: Mintzu Rd., Kaohsiung City 390m2 2000
Women’s Display Centre Jinmen 2nd St, Taoyuan City 3,500m2 2000
Nei Hu Engineering: Neihu Chiu, Taipei 290m2 2000
Wen De Rui Kuang Building: Neihu Chiu, Taipei 7,000m2 2000
Pu Tai Engineering: Wu-Ku Industrial District 1,120m2 2000
Quan Wen Stainless Steel Factory: Neihu Chiu; Taipei 540m2 2000
Yi Tong Technology: Tainan Science Park 650m2 2000
Wen-Mao Microelectron: Huaya Science-Based Industrial Park 610m2 2000
Yi Bei Technology: Dan-Lii, taichung 1,300m2 1999
CPC Branch in Hulian: Jungmei Rd, Hualien City 1,200m2 1999
Tai Lian Telecomms Centre Neihu Chiu, Taipei 4,500m2 1999
Dong Sheng Financial Building: Dungda Rd, Hsinchu City 700m2 1999
Sun Cinema: Wuchang St.; Taipei 610m2 1999
Yuan Ding Engineering: Minsheng Rd; Hsinchu City 530m2 1999
Taitung Radar Station: Taitung 1,050m2 1999
Jum Pu Technology: Nei Shi Rd., Taoyuan City 850m2 1998
He Cheng Building: Nanjing E Rd, Taipei 1,100m2 1998
B4 Building Site: Song-Ren Rd, Taipei 1,200m2 1998
Xi-Pin Precision: Dafeng Rd, Tantz Shiang Taichung 1,350m2 1998
Tai da Electronic: Neihu Chiu, Taipei 2,100m2 1998
Lei Hu Technology: Taichung Industrial park 725m2 1998
Taiwan Business Bank: Tacheng St, Taipei 6,300m2 1997
Spring Department Store: Taoyuan City 3,400m2 1997
Jing Cheng Yu Cai: Junggjieng 1st Rd, Kaoshiung City 1,600m2 1997
Tai-An Product Insurance: Guanchiuan Rd, Taipei 750m2 1997
Lai Lai Department Store: Jungyang E Rd, Jungli City 570m2 1997
HONG KONG Quantity Completion
Exotix Live Seafood Venue 20m2 2015
Wong Tai Sin Phase 4 200m2 2005
Development @ Ma Wan Lot No. 392 300m2 2002
Kwong Fuk Road Tai Po 100m2 1998
TAIWAN Quantity Completion
Terminal 1 of Taoyuan International Airport 1,100m2 2012
HIWAN Technologies Corporation 16,000m2 2011
National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium 1,200m2 2011
Banciao Residential Building 400m2 2011
E-TEN Information System Co., Ltd 1,500m2 2002
Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government, Jungshan Rd., Bachiau City 5,300m2 2001
Kaohsiung Donate-Blood Centre, Gaunangung Rd, Kaoshing 830m2 2001
Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Puli Jen, Nantou 400m2 2001
Nanking Information Centre, Neihu Chiu, Taipei 370m2 2001
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, No 5 Fushing St, Gueishan Shiang 1,450m2 2000
China Medical College, Shiuesh Rd, Taichung City 760m2 1999
Ren-Hui Hospital, Tzyou Rd, Fengshan City 610m2 1999
Chia Nan University, Rende Shiang, Tainan 600m2 1999
Farmer’s Assoc. of Miaoli City, Jungieng Rd, Miaoli City 550m2 1999
Tai Lian Telecommunications, Neihu Chiu, Taipei 4,500m2 1998
National Defence Medical Centre, Neihu Chiu, Taipei 2,000m2 1998
Public Market, Mingdeng Rd, Taipei 950m2 1997
Da-An Bureau of Police Department, Taipei 3,100m2 1997
Taiwan City Hall, Sec 1 junghua Rd, Taipei 2,300m2 1997
HONG KONG Quantity Completion
Public Transport Interchange (PTI) at Admiralty 1,000m2 2005
Public Transport Interchange (PTI) at Tsuen Wan 1,000m2 2004
Public Transport Interchange (PTI) at Lok Fu 3,000m2 2004
TAIWAN Quantity Completion
Jiu Ho Automobile Interchange 500m2 2000
Hualien Gas Station 1,400m2 1999
Da Hau Gas Station, Huwei 500m2 1999
Da Xin Hai Gas Station 450m2 1998
Bin Jiang Gas Station 500m2 1997
China Airline Building (Road Culvert) 1,000m2 1997